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Our approach with our customers is clear - we want you to participate and
understand the decisions you make. After all, it's your financial future that's
at stake.

We do this by personally getting to know you and taking the time to ensure
that our professional advice truly matches your circumstances and needs. When
we first meet we will agree with you the exact remuneration to apply which will
either be on the basis of a fee or an agreed charge deducted from your pension or
investment arrangements. Our first meeting will be without cost or obligation.

The next stage is to gather all the relevant data relating to your existing financial
arrangements and to discuss and understand your goals and expectations.
This will result in a detailed analysis and evaluation of your financial arrangements,
allowing recommendations to be developed and presented. Subject to full
understanding and agreement on your part our recommendations will then
be implemented.

A key consideration of any plan is the ability to review and measure performance
against an agreed set of objectives. A financial plan is no different and an integral
feature or our service is to review, on at least an annual basis, the investment
performance and suitability of your financial arrangements, whether pension
or non-pension based.

Our Approach
Our Approach
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